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Light Bath Healing - Guided Meditation, Inducing Theta Brainwaves

“Light Bath Healing” assists people in attaining a deep relaxed state and well-being. This album is the perfect soundtrack before bed time. "Light Bath Healing" has proven to help the listener fall asleep easily and have a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night. 

LIQUID - Meditation music, Inducing Theta Brainwaves

Have you been wanting to learn how to meditate, but you just can't sit still? LIQUID is superb in helping you relax and to let go.  Within each track, there are specific  subliminal frequencies blended into the music, designed to slow down your brainwaves, which simply means, you are moving out of stress, into homeostasis, growth and repair of your body.  LIQUID is a powerful tool for stressed out people as well as yogis alike. 

MOSAIQUE - Smooth Jazz with a Latin Twist

If you love sensual vocals set to Spanish guitar, then this is a surefire go+to album for romantic nights.  All original compositions by SOLVEI, accompanied by multi talented Norwegian guitarist, Brynjar Bøe.  

WAVE - Trance/Chill/Yoga

Tired of yoga music that puts you to sleep?  WAVE is drum driven and dynamic, which help you push through a challenging yoga practice.  The music is designed to keep you energized, with peaks and valleys, periods of time with more mellow, restful rhythms in between.  WAVE is a favorite among the hard core yoga practitioners, and trance-dance lovers.

TRANCE SENSUALITY HIGH - Chill/ Groove designed to invoke sensuality & relaxation

TSH is a favorite among the Burning Man crowd, as it lends itself to sensual pleasure and spiritual exploration.  TSH falls under the genre electronica, and has very little vocals.

SEVEN CHAKRA YOGA - Yoga music for Vinyasa practice

Seven Chakra Yoga leads you through the traditional Vinyasa flow class, building where it needs to build, softening and mellowing out when called for.  A great tool to keep students and yoga practitioners flowing.  Seven Chakra Yoga has strong Native American over tones. 

TWO LOVERS - smooth Jazz, world groove compilation CD

Two Lovers combines sultry original jazz, with trance-groove driven songs, including the popular track "Moroccan Nights".  If you love music from the group Pink Martini, Diana Krall, Holly Cole, and Sting, you will love Two Lovers.

A SOUL'S JOURNEY - music for yoga, trance-healing & inner travel

Deep spiritual journeys happen to listeners of "A Soul's Journey".  The album delivers exactly what the title promises.    "A Soul's Journey" has been aired across the globe, from new age radio stations, to mainstream TV.  It is not recommended to listen to this album while driving.

MOROCCAN NIGHTS ~ 3 song E.P. - An exotic blend of World music with Native American and Arabic influences

The original international hit "Moroccan Nights", on a three song groove oriented EP.

LEONARD PELTIER ~ single - American Indian political prisoner tribute

SOLVEI worked closely with the American Indian Native American political prisoner, after she wrote a song about him, inspired by seeing the Hurricane Carter movie.  SOLVEI sent her song to Leonard Peltier in prison, and a friendship started.  They worked together on appealing his case.  Leonard is still in prison, after 43 years.  More on Leonard here: